Alice Lowe on Prevenge’s final push

Source: The Velvet Onion Prevenge – the directorial feature debut from Alice Lowe – is available on dvd and blu-ray now. To celebrate, TVO cornered Alice once more to talk in depth about the Prevenge experience from conception to completion. With major spoilers (you have been warned), this is the result… “It’s like the final push of labour,” Alice Lowe jokes as we catchContinue reading “Alice Lowe on Prevenge’s final push”

Rhys Thomas on Brian Pern: A Tribute

Source: The Velvet Onion This week sees BBC Four air a special tribute to fallen prog-rock singer Brian Pern, who died last month aged 66 following an unexpected segway mistake. This exclusive documentary for BBC Four also features Brian’s final prophetic interview, which has never been transmitted before as well as the true story behind hisContinue reading “Rhys Thomas on Brian Pern: A Tribute”

Jonny & The Baptists on Eat the Poor

Source: The Velvet Onion The Edinburgh Fringe is now well under way and there’s a whole host of TVO related shows to savour. One such show is the latest hour from Jonny & The Baptists: the musical satirists who we’ve long since dubbed Honorary Onions. Frequently sharing the bill with many of the acts weContinue reading “Jonny & The Baptists on Eat the Poor”